Thrive - Alvaton 4:12

jail ministry for men

The Alvaton congregation has been involved in a jail ministry for men every Sunday since 1993. A worship service/Bible class is conducted from 3:00pm – 4:00pm every Sunday afternoon. We spend about the first 30 minutes singing. We then spend about the last 30 minutes in a Bible study. Generally, we go through the book of Luke and the book of Acts. We also discuss any questions they may have at any point. There are two groups which means we actually only get to see the same group every other week. By the time we get through Acts, almost none of the men are still there from when we started Luke so we start with Luke again. We also have several sets of correspondence courses that we give out to any of the men who want them. They return them for us to grade.

Alternates Needed!

Two men are required to be present. Since no one can be present every Sunday, there are several alternates, but more alternates are always welcome if anyone is interested. Thousands of men have been influenced and affected by this ministry. If anyone is interested in being one of the regular weekly participants, please see Dennis George or Ralph Brewer.

Ministry Leaders:

Dennis George

Ralph Brewer

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