Hispanic Ministry

Wayne Brewer

Mabelvale Church of Christ

Location:  Mabelvale, Arkansas

Mission Started:  September 2002

Website:  www.mabelvalecofc.org


Via Wayne Brewer

In September, 2002 I started the Spanish speaking congregation of the Mabelvale Church of Christ or “Iglesia de Cristo”. The Spanish speaking congregation shares the church building with the Mabelvale Church of Christ in Mabelvale, Arkansas, which is part of the Little Rock area. Most of the members are from Mexico and a few are from Central America.

The focus of the work is in the Mabelvale and Southwest Little Rock area to take the gospel to those that do not know the truth. Once people become Christians then the focus is to continue to study the Bible with them so that they will mature in Christ.

My work has also expanded into taking several mission trips and groups per year
to Mexico and once per year to Costa Rica. I also travel to non-Spanish speaking countries on mission trips as the opportunities arise, such as to Latvia, Quebec and Italy.